Sarah Baiada | Soul & Wellness Coaching
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Soul & Wellness Coaching



One hour call online over Skype
Personalised soul coaching
Get to the heart of the issue with support


Access your subconscious and see how it manifests into this reality. Gain the ability to reverse dis-ease and heal on all levels. Work closely with your energetic body and learn to understand how it physically affects you.


We use practical exercises to help you embody yourself and bring forward your gifts. Release stuck and heavy energy. Deepen your understanding of your own reality and create space for more growth and radical revolutions. Feel truly grounded in your body and in your home.


Connect into the ancestral world around your home and help to clear space, finding the root of repetitive thoughts patterns and clearing your mind.


What kind of results do people get?


An understanding of their own reality and the way that old programming can create a barrier that prevents us from moving forward. Recently a new client quit her job and moved into a brand new field after just one session!


“I resigned from my job today and guess what industry I’m going into? Water treatment and renewable energy! I’m convinced seeing Sarah was pivotal to things progressing at the speed and direction they did!! Super grateful!”


How do I get started?


Book in for a Single Coaching session or your 15-minute Complimentary Consultation so we can be introduced.


After your first session with Sarah, you can opt into Packages for upcoming sessions.


3 Pack


10% discount, a saving of $60 on single rate.


6 Pack


15% discount, a saving of $180 on single rate.


9 Pack


20% discount, a saving of $360 on single rate.

Testimonial: Rebeccah Menzel

“When I signed up for my sessions with Sarah I knew that there was ‘more’ of me to explore and reconnect with and more of me to offer this world. It was important for me to find someone who was capable of bypassing my logical mind to truly stretch my body, soul and spirit, not to mention my heart, and Sarah continues to do that in each session I have with her.


Since I began working with Sarah, she has been guiding me to remember many of my hidden skills, delicately uncovering them with each session. I am learning how to be the amazing Warrior Woman I was brought to this planet to be, and I appreciate Sarah being there with me throughout this journey and her ability to ensure the pace of my learning is in line with what I can take on – I am particularly enjoying the love and awareness that I am finding for myself and others in my life and allowing that to integrate with a new level of courage and grace.


Anyone who is seeking to find a new level of deep connection with themselves, a far greater level of self love than they have ever experienced, and to grow into the Warrior Woman that you deserve to be, I highly recommend Sarah Baiada. If you have the opportunity to have any of her energy work done it is AMAZING !


Above and beyond what she continues to do for me personally, I would like to take a moment to thank Sarah for all that she is doing to pioneer a new way forward for the higher collective, especially women.”