Sarah Baiada | Love. Awareness. Freedom.
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Hi, I’m Sarah

I support you in reconnecting your soul to the elements

for greater fulfilment and self love in your life


Sarah provides interviews, online trainings, live events, one-on-one sessions, gatherings and retreats with people who are committed to bypassing the spiritual dogma and cutting right to the soul essence of who they are.


These people are committed to self-mastery at all costs. They value truth over power and are on the path back to themselves.

Ancient Ancestors – Activation Night

Studio Blueprint, Surry Hills

Gather for an evening of deep connection, remembering and adventure.


This will be the last Activation in Sydney for 2018 and we’re going out with a bang!


Connecting to Ancient Lands, Ancestors, and Civilisations such as Lemuria. Assisted by the Full Moon energy and its amplification in the Pleiades star cluster, we will connect with our Galactic Ancestry. Helping us to feel the support and unity amongst all beings and within ourselves.


We’ll explore big questions ..

🔹What else is out there?
🔹Where do I fit in?
🔹How do I manifest for my future?
🔹Can I learn to flourish during profound energetic shifts and changes?


There will be Sound healing to help relax and aid in the Activation. Sarah has been playing the flute since she was 4 and will be playing her new Peruvian Flute for the first time on the night.


This Activation will support you in connecting to all parts of yourself: past, present, galactic and future.


I’ve been humbled to see an amazing community stepping up to make magic things happen and supporting each other. Taking the leap to do the work they are here to do. Following their intuition and guidance to truly live in their sovereignty.


I encourage you all to continue inviting friends and family into this space, especially those who are in need of a night off to reconnect and feel they are supported.


Rosa Temple🌹 Products will be available on the night.


Sarah Baiada is a speaker and thought leader in the areas of self awareness and sovereignty. She supports people in reconnecting their soul to the elements for greater fulfilment and self love in their lives. She has a wide range of modalities she pulls from including the most powerful modality: love.


She’s a mother who loves her child. She’s not here to fix anyone but yet she is here to empower others. She is not a shaman although they’re beautiful and have their place. She’s not above or below anybody else. She doesn’t label herself as spiritual and recognises that she exists just like we all do: beyond all labels. She knows inherently that she’s a point of awareness expressing itself.


She holds true that each of us have wisdom inside of us that’s critical to the unfoldment of the divine’s plan, the divine’s plan is not a mystery to solve yet it is something to become.


She revels in supporting others in finding their way home to themselves beyond all programming.

Little About Me